The mission of MOVE is to make better human beings

At MOVE, our mission is clear: “To Make Better Human Beings.” This isn’t just a statement; it’s the lifeblood of every service we offer, every connection we make, and every individual and business we transform. We believe that in every aspect of life, from health to mindset to business, the key to progression is movement. It’s not just about physical motion, but the dynamic shifts in thinking, adapting, and growing that set the course for success.


Success in fitness & health, mindset, and business doesn’t just happen; it’s a journey that many undertake, yet few navigate well. That’s where MOVE steps in. Our foundation lies in these three critical areas, and it’s become clear that guidance and support are often sought by those striving to improve in one, two, or all three.


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    MOVE Online

    how we make better human beings

    There are 4 ways in which we fulfil our mission to make better human beings and they are:

    • MOVE Business Coaching: Our bespoke coaching sessions are rooted in actionable insights and strategies. Whether you’re a start-up finding its footing or an established brand looking to innovate, our expert guidance ensures your business doesn’t just move, but soars.

    • MOVE Online Mastermind: A collective intelligence space where businesses come together, brainstorm, and strategise. It’s not just about networking; it’s about forging alliances, sharing knowledge, and collaboratively overcoming challenges.

    • MOVE Netwalking: We take networking out of the boardroom and into the great outdoors. This walking networking event combines the best of professional interaction with the refreshing tranquillity of nature. It’s about building connections, one step at a time. We have 2 Netwalking groups at Sefton Park in Liverpool on a Wednesday night and a Saturday morning and 1 group at West Kirby Marine Lake on a Sunday morning.

    • MOVE Mastermind Elite: Tailored for high-level businesses, this service is exclusive to business owners navigating the £1-5 million revenue bracket. With a focus on mutual growth, it’s a meeting ground for minds who think big and leaders who aspire for more.

      What sets MOVE apart is our unyielding commitment to the growth mindset. Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities; where others accept stagnation, we champion progress. It’s this ethos that has shaped us, and it’s this vision that we bring to every interaction.

      In a world where it’s easy to become idle, to remain static, MOVE is your catalyst for constant evolution. Let’s not just move; let’s progress, innovate, and lead. Join us in our mission “To Make Better Human Beings.”

    The #movemindset

    MOVE simply embodies progression through life each day, in the areas that matter, enabling continued growth and fulfilment.


    The Move TEAM

    Mark Waldron

    Mark Waldron

    Mark is a multi-award winner in business networking and relationship building. He is passionate about coaching and mentoring business owners and professionals through 1-1 & group coaching, team performance workshops and group mastermind sessions.

    He has an extensive background in relationship marketing and leads by example in mindset, discipline and entrepreneurship.

    Mark previously established and built his own successful construction company. He has extensive experience within customer focused environments at a leadership level and has a proven background in helping businesses achieve their key objectives.

    He leads by example when it comes to personal and business development and works with businesses to drive change through a simplistic and proven leadership model.

    He has a strong presence on multiple social media platforms, posting content regularly with the aim of helping people to take control of their businesses and lives.


    • Multi-time Merseyside Networker of the year
    • Winner of Best Business and Personal Development Company – Southern Enterprise Awards 
    • Downtown In Business Male Networker of the Year

    Andrea Edwards

    Andrea Edwards

    Andrea has coached business owners and their teams for 14 years. In that time, she has also built and run multiple hospitality businesses, employing 120 staff across 10 UK sites with a multimillion pound turnover.

    She works with businesses of all disciplines and sizes, specialising in leadership, team development and business growth.

    Andrea worked for over 20 years at senior management level within a global organisation and was responsible for a turnover in excess of £100 million and 5000+ employees.

    She is an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner, a leadership expert and a business mastermind facilitator. Andrea uses those skills to ensure business owners and their teams come together through clear communication to achieve their goals.

    Andrea’s philosophy is that to achieve sustainable profitability, you do it through people – the People to Profit chain.


    • Liverpool City Region Tourism Award
    • Merseyside Woman Of The Year / Business Leader
    • SME Restaurant Of The Year Finalist
    • Downtown In Business Entrepreneur Of The Year
    • Winner of Best Business and Personal Development Company – Southern Enterprise Awards




    Business and personal Support meetings


    Networking, walking & being outdoors


    Taking You From Business Struggle To Business Class

    One of the best business development events out there. It’s an opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded business people who you can learn from and work with.
    It’s helped me grow as an individual and I’ve gained new business through referrals. You need to join MOVE Online!
    Chris Ashton

    I joined Move over 3 years ago at the beginning of Covid and at that time I think many of us in Business needed support during a time of the unknown, we were unsettled and did not know how to navigate this new challenge, this is where Move bridged the gap, Mark brought calm and a belief that working together, we could help and support one another, this resulted in many confusing elements being worked out, once Andrea joined we gained an energy to show our venerability and be open.
    Maria Challis

    MOVE has been paramount in my growth both personally and professionally. MOVE Online keeps me accountable to my personal growth and allows me to gain practical help from others and MOVE Coaching allows me to tap into Mark & Andrea’s expertise to become the best version of myself. I wouldn’t be where I am today without MOVE.
    Ben Duffy

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