About MOVE

The mission of MOVE is to make better human beings.


Being successful in the areas of 1. fitness & health, 2. mindset and 3. business, it became apparent that many people were asking MOVE founder, Mark Waldron, for help and guidance in any or all of those 3 areas.

He questioned what the missing link was as to why he was succeeding in these areas and why the people who weren’t succeeding, weren’t.

The answer was that he was always MOVING.

The people who were not doing these things were doing the opposite.

They had become stagnant and effectively, moving backwards.

And so in its simplest form, it was clear that to MOVE was to PROGRESS and become BETTER, all by using a growth mindset.

The #movemindset

MOVE simply embodies progression through life each day, in the areas that matter, enabling continued growth and fulfilment.

Mark Waldron

Mark Waldron

Mark is a multi-award winner for business networking and loves to coach and mentor business owners and professionals. He has an extensive background in relationship marketing and has a keen interest in mindset and entrepreneurship.
Andrea Edwards

Andrea Edwards

There are two words that describe Andrea, ‘knowledgeable’ and ‘motivating’ – qualities needed in every business. Andrea has worked for over 20 years as a senior manager within an international company and was responsible for a turnover in excess of £50 million pa.