Before we dive deep into the logistics of 75 hard, as well as the 75 hard challenge rules and advantages, it is important to note from the founder of 75 hard, Andy Frisella, that it should not be classified as a ‘challenge’ upon completion.

Rather than it being a challenge, he wants it to be known more as a lifestyle change and/or mental toughness program. Frisella was first influenced to create this program after interviewing James Lawrence (known for finishing 50 ironman races in 50 days across 50 states).

Upon hearing this motivational piece, Andy Frisella wanted to generate his own mental toughness program in order to equip people with unrivalled mental fortitude. Read on to learn more about 75 hard and the key benefits.


What is the 75 Hard Challenge?

Recently, you may have seen this ‘challenge’ pop up all over your social media platforms, specifically TikTok. However, as everyone sees this as a challenge rather than a mental toughness program, after completion, people will often return to their old habits.

Andy Frisella, the founder of this program didn’t want it to be seen as just a fitness program/ fitness challenge, or changing habits for a sustained amount of time.

He wanted it to be seen after 75 days straight as something that can be sustained for a long period of time, increasing your life productivity by a considerable amount.

Not only that, but the switch in traits and habits will be riddled with self-improvement hacks. Therefore, self-confidence, self-belief, and fortitude altogether will be improved tenfold.

Nevertheless, what are the key principles of this mental toughness-building program? What rules do you have to follow? Here is a basic breakdown of what you have to do:


Breakdown of 75 Hard

Firstly, on the list of hard program rules and self-improvement tasks that you have to carry out every day is following a strict diet. Well, Frisella was the first to say that there are no specific rules to this diet, apart from no ‘cheat meals’ and no alcohol.

Consequently, there are no limits to your nutrition, but cheat meals are completely prohibited; thus, you get the gist that healthy food needs to be consumed rather than foods you know are bad.

Secondly, you must work out twice a day for at least 45 minutes every day, seven days a week, for 75 days. One of these workouts has to be outside, according to Frisella, as this shows that no matter the weather, you’re always going to turn up and put in the work.

Exercise is one of the most vital parts of living a long and happy life, so whether you go to the gym or are playing football, getting this done should be a long-term staple of your daily routine.

While doing all this exercise and carrying out your daily schedule, you must drink a gallon of water in order to hydrate for these assignments.

Speaking of water, you will also need to endure a five-minute cold shower every single day. Regardless of the time of day, it needs to be carried out due to the long-term health benefits (heart health, blood circulation, recovery, and many more) of cold showers.

Furthermore, you have to read 10 pages (at least) of a non-fiction book, and taking progress pictures every day is essential to this lifestyle programme. Although this may seem related to fitness in many ways, these acts are all tailored to improve your daily life in abundance (mentally, physically, and psychologically).

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Advantages of the 75 Hard Challenge

Now that you’re a whole lot more clued up on the ‘75 hard challenge’ rules, it is vital to understand why you would attempt this and potentially induct it into your daily schedule.

There have been some serious cases of personal development such as weight loss, improved body image, increased fitness levels, and many more, within a field of testimonials across the world. therefore, what are the positive advantages of the 75 hard day program?

With one of the founders of our company completing 75 hard regularly (currently in the process now), there are not many people who have gained as much first-hand experience as Mark Waldron.

Let’s see what he has to say about 75 hard and the benefits he has seen in his daily performance surrounding the change in habits.


What MOVE Founder Mark Waldron Thinks of the 75 Hard Challenge

“The first major difference in myself that I saw was how my organisational and planning skills heightened immediately!” Getting through your standard daily tasks, along with the 75 hard tasks too, creates urgency like no other, as there is so much to get through.

Sometimes, pressure will force you to perform to your highest standards, fighting against procrastination and leading you to get more done than on a normal working day.

Mark also went on to say, “It shows you what you’re capable of at a high level, forcing you to increase your standards, which is exactly what you need to become successful in life and business.”

When your standards are raised and you’re seeing results, it not only inspires you to keep on pushing, but it also inspires others around you to become a better version of themselves too.

This snowball effect will begin to act as a growth process, as you’ll always be holding yourself accountable to others to keep on improving.

Lastly, Mark stated, “I feel much better with my mental health and physical performance too”. With high-intensity workouts and productivity at an all-time high, endorphins and dopamine are released constantly, as you know you’re putting your all into every aspect of your life.



So, what can you take away from this blog post? Well, first of all, self-improvement is an absolute must if you’re looking to level up and feel good about yourself daily.

Although this is a mental toughness program, due to your discipline and work ethic improving every day, you will soon notice that you’re capable of much more than the brain can process.

Whether you’re a person looking for confidence boosters, self-improvement, healthy habits, or a daily schedule to take you to the next level (men or women), this might just be something that you’ll have to try. We, here at MOVE Online, would highly recommend you give it a go and let us know how you find it!