I used to be a member of BNI and it was the best thing I ever did for getting more business!

I’ve heard some people say it’s not for them, but most people see the value in it and it works very well for them.

I see any networking event as a group of people who I’m trying to help, it doesn’t matter who it is run by or what it’s called.

When you get to that level of thinking and understand what the strategy should be when marketing your services, you can make the most of all networking events, no matter where, when, what time, what they’re called etc

When my membership was due to end in March h 2018, I was too busy to renew as I couldn’t commit the time anymore. But the whole time not being a member, I’ve still always sung the praises of BNI for being a great business network organisation.

I went to Neptune Chapter which meets at Allerton Golf Club, Liverpool and it was great, very well organised and some very dedicated members and visitors were present.

Thanks to Alex Gregory-Chialton for the invite to come along, I’ll be coming again.

And, if you fancy going along yourself, even if you want to come with me, I’ll be going on Wednesday 6th November at 6.45 am so just let me know.

Should you want to network while getting your steps in, however, take a look at our Move Netwalking to get the best out of your networking.