For online marketing strategies, LinkedIn has become a prominent approach for many companies. Due to its professional nature, it allows businesses to come together and talk about many different facets that they deal with on a daily basis.

Not only that, but LinkedIn allows businesses to view the performance of another company which can often be a great lead magnet if LinkedIn users use the platform to show case studies, testimonials, etc.

The opportunities are endless with LinkedIn and we’re going to be walking you through how to post to Linkedin with examples of how you can achieve maximum results through this excellent social network platform.


Types of LinkedIn Posts

When delving into this social media network, there are two types of content that you can expect to see as you scroll through the feed. LinkedIn content is tailored to who you follow and what you like – thus, if you’re looking to connect with certain individuals, you can expect to see their content on your feed.

However, if it is your goal to begin to post on LinkedIn, it is vital to know what types of content you can post and how to effectively obtain optimal engagement to grow your audience. Here are the two types of content that you’ll be focusing on creating:


Video Format

Video content on LinkedIn is something that not many businesses take advantage of when posting to their LinkedIn audience. Only a selection of businesses take advantage of this feature but due to the personalised nature of a video post, it certainly helps your audience put a face to the name.

For example, recently at Move Online, we’ve been posting our personalised Move TV podcasts on LinkedIn where we talk to our clients, team members and friends about relevant topics with what they specialise in.

Or, we also post content as we’re completing a netwalking event which is essentially a networking event as we walk around the park, getting your daily exercise in whilst talking to ambitious individuals.

These posts get lots of traction as it is personal to our brand, thus if you can find something that separates your brand from the rest – people love seeing what makes you stand out.

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Written Format

Written pieces of content are the most popular types of content that you’ll see with great LinkedIn posts. However, there are specific tips needed to create an engaging post. If you look at our Founder Mark Waldron’s LinkedIn written posts, you will see that the -paragraphs are always split up into readable sections.

When a post has no paragraphs to separate the writing, it can become boring to read and this will damage the engagement that you’ll receive on the post. You’ll notice that good LinkedIn posts will have 1 to 2 lines of content and then move on to the next paragraph.

If you look at our written posts on LinkedIn, you will notice that if we’re creating a promotional post about our business coaching – it will be nice and concise, easy to digest and define the clear benefits that the people will receive.

Therefore, when you section your LinkedIn post ideas into clusters, you will know to assemble them into a relevant, engaging and easy-to-read manner for your target audience – along with being professional to match the ambience of the social media platform.


Tone of voice

Now that we’ve established the two forms of content creation, forging the engaging content and making your tone of voice relevant to what you’re talking about is vital. If you’re a brand that is passionate about what you’re doing but informal content is something that you enjoy writing – keeping this throughout is important.

The same goes for formal videos or writing. If you’re known for being knowledgeable and serious about your business, keeping it that way is what your audience needs. However, when it comes to writing or making video content – not every post is going to be similar.

If an audience always receives sales-based content, they’ll soon leave what you have to offer. Yet, if you have a great marketing mix and clusters in place – you’re much more likely to succeed on LinkedIn. Here are a few of the opposing tones of voice you can utilise in your posts for optimal performance:


Sales-Based Posts

Your company pages are modern-day business cards. Not just that but nowadays, rather than word of mouth, you can use LinkedIn as a way to generate leads. Sales-based posts have a persuasive manner to them but shouldn’t push the customer too much. It should list why it can benefit the reader and the features and benefits of the product or service.

An example of a sales-based post would be when Move Online is promoting our online meetings service. Here, we would clearly define what it entails and how you and your business could benefit from using our service – whilst being engaging and listing reasons why you could miss out.

Urgency and fear of missing out are big factors when writing sales-based posts – thus, they must be present when writing or talking about your product or service in a video.


Informative Posts

Informative posts are much lighter and often provide free value to the reader. If people begin to see you as an authority in a certain field, they will have trust in your capabilities and end up wanting to work with you.

Giving and expecting nothing in return must be more prevalent in your LinkedIn posts. Often, we give free business tips or productivity hacks to our LinkedIn audience as a way to genuinely improve their quality of life.

For your business, you may want to present some helpful tips that are relevant to your specific niche. Receiving feedback from your audience on how you’ve helped them is a great feeling and you should be looking to portray that within your posts.


Upcoming Events Posts

Presenting your personal brand on LinkedIn can be a daunting task but if you have important upcoming events, there is nothing better than to promote it on social media in order to create brand awareness.

As a LinkedIn post example, if we have one of our Move networking event meet-ups, we secure that it is known on this social media platform. We have a structured plan and date so our audience knows when the event is taking place and how they can purchase tickets to visit.

If your business hosts any events, whether that be the arrival of an exciting product that you’re launching or even something to help the community – these posts will assist you in obtaining a wider audience reach via your LinkedIn profile.

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