Did you know LinkedIn had a voice note/messaging feature?

I’ve been using it for quite a while now but from my experience, not many people seem to know it exists as they always seem surprised when I send them a personal voice note when DMing them.

There are many reasons why a voice note can be helpful:

– It shows you care by spending the time to record it for that individual, rather than copying and pasting a message you send to 100 people a day!

– You get to show your personality! You’re the only YOU in the world. Be proud of who you are and just be you, as you are, when recording a voice note.

– For most people, it could be quicker and more convenient.

– it allows your tone to be added to the overall message you would have been sending in written word format. And around 70% of communication comes from our tone, rather than the words we use!

It could also be a hindrance for the receiver, such as in the following instances:

– They prefer to skim over words to take in what you have to say, rather than taking the amount of time that the voice message lasts.

– They may not be comfortable listening to the message in public, such as if they are on public transport and don’t have ears/headphones available.

– They may see it as creepy, as some LinkedIn users reported, so good judgement should be used to gauge if it’s an appropriate tie to use it.

Have you used the feature already?

How have you found it?

Have you had any annoying voice messages?

Have you had any really good ones?

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