What a fantastic turnout for the first MOVE Netwalking of 2020!

Spent a bit more time on the video this week, so take a watch to the end if you can to appreciate just what it’s like to get involved in this weekly event!

Let me reiterate why I started this initiative 6 months ago…

I like to keep fit and healthy

I like to keep my mindset and mental well-being healthy

I like to always move forward in my business or any other job I do.

MOVE Netwalking assists with those values and is bringing together people of that type of character.

Those who want to challenge themselves.

Those who want to always be better in some way

Those who value all of the things I’ve said above.

If you’re one of those people or you want to become one of those people, all you have to do is get involved!

It was a pleasure to speak with Jack Heskin-Taylor Property Investor and Glenn Cavill, who feature in today’s video, it was great to learn more about what they do. Go and connect with them!

Every Sunday
7 am
West Kirby Marina
The Nook Cafe afterwards for refreshments and more networking.

How will you be improving and moving forward this year?