Business coaching for entrepreneurs or existing business owners has recently become favoured among many industries around the globe. Whether you are an online business or more so brick and mortar, coaching programs hold a lot of value.

Although in the past, it just used to be presented in the flesh, there are now a plethora of ways you can receive online coaching on a long-term basis for your flourishing business.

However, is virtual business coaching worth it for your company? Or, is it a necessity that could unravel a series of consecutive business successes that change your life? Carry on reading to learn more about the pros and cons of online business coaching.

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What is Online Business Coaching?

So, what is online business coaching? Well, this depends on whether you’re well-established or a start-up. If you’re starting a business, an online business coach can help you begin smoothly. However, if you’re more established, online business coaching will focus on improving the minor details of your business.

To elaborate on this a bit more, a start-up company may have no idea what their product or service is going to be, how they’re going to sell it, where they’re going to be located and a number of other components.

Whereas, if you’re already ingrained within your marketplace – the goal is to steamroll through the rest of the competition. If you’ve then hired a coach, you will most likely come up with a plan of action on how you can attack the marketplace in a unique, yet prolific fashion… one that’s already been proven to work.

During your online meetings, depending on where you’re at in terms of business success, an online business coach ultimately has the goal of making you become 1% each day.
Whether this is putting a new system in place, new goals to hit, or new platforms to target – a business coach has been there and done it with another business. Therefore, their unrivalled advice will typically pinpoint exactly what you need to improve on or add to your daily schedule.

In terms of the platforms that an online business coach will reach you on, it will usually be zoom, google teams or any other face-to-face call where there is a ‘share screen’ option. This way, you will be able to take notes and learn effectively throughout the duration of the call.


Pros and Cons of Online Business Coaching

In regard to what are the pros and cons of online business coaching, there is a multitude of avenues that will present a ‘for’ argument and an ‘against’ argument for this particular topic. Below, we will be running you through our list of pros and cons for online business coaching so that you can make an informed decision on what you think is right for your business.


Pros of Online Business Coaching

Here at MOVE, we understand the importance of business coaching services and the results it provides when we offer them to our clients. Below, you will find a list of pros that we have seen to help businesses blossom under the wing of a business coach.


Huge Profit Returns

Once you turn to an experienced coaching service with a coach who has years of knowledge at your fingertips – you will notice a difference in your business immediately. Due to them knowing the mistakes they made, none of them will be made in your business, accelerating the chance of higher revenue being acquired.


Surrounding Yourself With Success

When you begin to change your circle, you will soon notice that your habits will seep through into your daily life. These coaching sessions typically encourage you to speak to more like-minded people. Whether that be in your niche or just someone who has had a successful business – you will find yourself becoming more ambitious.

Business growth isn’t always linear. Nonetheless, you cannot go wrong with surrounding yourself with people who have achieved what you’re aiming for. The learning and relationship building, along with an overwhelming amount of lessons along the way will only equate to you growing your business – one way or another.


Receiving Calls From Anywhere in the World

Locational freedom is a goal that many small business owners and even large business owners aspire to achieve. When you switch to online business coaching, you will not have to pay the price of travelling to your country to hear the same advice either.

Therefore, this locational freedom gives you more time in your day to focus on your marketing strategy, business logistics, etc that the business coach is offering.

The step-by-step coaching process that a business coach through masterminds, 1-to-1 sessions, etc will bring forward will still supply you with the same information. Therefore, you won’t be missing out on any more valuable information that you wouldn’t already receive in your online coaching.


Cons of Online Business Coaching

With the cons not being as prominent as the pros, here is a list of the reasons why you may think that online business coaching could potentially be damaging to the development of your business:



If every session is taken online, this means that your business coach is not in your company. Therefore, once the online sessions are taken, some people will not take action on the information they’ve been given.

However, if your goals are aligned with your business coach and you’re just as ambitious – you shouldn’t have a problem with productivity.


Body Language

When you work with the elite people within the business industry, you will notice they have a certain presence and aura that they hold when speaking with them. Their body language and status will appear superior and it is something that would be great for you to learn from.

Yet, when you’re partaking in online sessions, this coaching offers no upfront teaching in this aspect of a business. Therefore, if you were to ever have future business meetings in real life – it may be something you lack… however, it’s not something you can’t learn!

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