So, today I logged on to LinkedIn and was notified of a post that I had been tagged in.

It put a smile on my face

The post was by Amanda Englishby. It’s a very good message for living a good life and the principle applies to all areas of life – Socially, business/career, mentally etc. Here is what Amanda wrote in her post:

We cannot always be the expert!

In life, business, health, relationships…..

Ask or accept help.

I did it only last month for business purposes.

There is no doubt at all that I have full confidence in my coaching ability. Whether it be my one to one coaching sessions, workshops or when on a stage motivational speaking. Why? Because I have years of study, experience and knowledge in my field. This is my area of expertise and my passion.

Though ask me about marketing strategies, sales, promotion etc….. I only know the basics. This is ‘hands up’ not my area.

I am a ‘Life Improvement Coach’, not a ‘Business Coach’ so why struggle when a fellow business owner and coach who specialises in sales/marketing offers his services Mark Waldron (Director at MOVE).

I accepted and gained so much from this session; valuable tips, strategies and advice which I have immediately put into practice and am already experiencing the benefits.

I could have chosen to listen to my ego, say I’m OK and struggle to try and work it out myself. Or accept the help.

I am glad I chose the latter.

Do not make hard work for yourself when you don’t need to. Your time, energy and life are precious.

Most people actually want to help you.

Let go of the EGO and witness the rewards.