‘See, believe, receive’

This was a quote I saw that someone had posted and was the 3rd one I’d seen with the same type of wording, such as ‘conceive, believe, achieve’.

It made me think of the Law of Attraction.

Many people are familiar with ‘The Secret’, which talks of the Law of Attraction, but almost in a way that you simply think positive and then good things will happen and you magically get what you want.

The bit that is missing from all of this, and the quotes above, is the part about actually taking action!

And that is the main part of all.

See the vision of what you desire, so vivid that you can feel the emotion attached to it. Think about it a lot. Tell people about it. Communicate it to the world.

The RAS (reticular activating system) in your brain will then be in a mode of detecting anything that is in line with that desire. Just like a metal detector detects metal, the RAS detects whatever is on the forefront of your mind – Your main thoughts.

When the opportunities do present themselves, take the action required to turn those opportunities into results.

You will then eventually be in the receiving stage of the process, the part where your desire becomes a reality

What do you think? (No pun)