Social media can be used in a variety of ways to help boost business sales and profit, whether you’re selling products or services. Along with Instagram, TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms used to promote brands and small businesses.

TikTok is a social media platform that has over one billion users worldwide and is essentially a social media platform where all users can record, edit, message other users and share video content ideas. The videos on the platform as of February 2022, can range from 15 seconds to 10 minutes long.

TikTok’s algorithm for the ‘For You Page’ works by customising the user’s TikTok feed according to what they like the most, for example, if a user shares, saves or likes a TikTok video, their ‘for you page’ will consist of content related to this.

The algorithm considers multiple factors that determine what videos to show users, such as:

  • Followers
  • Hashtags
  • Audio
  • Captions

Throughout this blog, we will be discussing the different types of TikTok ideas for businesses so that you can become a recognisable force in your industry; read on to find out more!


Educate Your Audience

TikTok is an excellent platform to promote your company, especially if you’ve just started your business, as well as engage your target audience at the same time. If you are a small business struggling to grow and gain customers, then posting on TikTok will be your best friend!

It may be hard and time-consuming but stick at it and you are bound to do well as a content creator. When promoting your business your audience must understand what it is that you are offering.

For example, you can share information with your audience on topics that will educate them on things related to your company. Say, for example, you are selling a certain piece of clothing – you would then create a TikTok on that piece of clothing emphasising what makes your brand unique and why customers should buy your product.

The more you interact with your audience and educate them on your product the more potential customers you will attract therefore increasing your profit and sales. Moreover, if you are aiming to get your content onto the ‘for you page’, then using hashtags related to your product will allow for more views on your TikTok account.


Structuring Your TikTok

When you are planning a TikTok video, it is best to start with an overall theme and topic. It is important to ask yourself if there is a lesson you want to impart, a tip or even a life hack and If so, then it is time for you to start building a story by creating content.

Make sure that your TikTok content is short and informative with the correct amount of context included in the video. Your audience needs to understand your message – and by using interactive and visual elements, you will most likely become popular on TikTok if you stay consistent.

Take some tips from popular influencers. Ask yourself, what is it that allows them to stand out? Do they post daily content? Do they offer tips or life hacks to their audience? Whatever they do, take a minute to gather tips and content ideas from their page and take some time to think about how you can grow your business.

Because TikTok is such a huge platform with over one billion users, the competitive rate is much higher. A lot of business owners will have had the same idea as you (using TikTok marketing to promote their business).

It is best to keep your videos between 15-30 seconds ensuring that the overall point of your video is portrayed within the first few seconds. This is because users will most likely be scrolling through many TikTok videos, and so the goal of the video would be to convince them to watch your video and not just scroll past it.

Most importantly, make sure that the TikTok content ideas for your business that you are posting are original. Once you have drawn people in you can then bring in your introduction. This should allow for the right amount of context for someone unfamiliar with your business to understand.

Keep it short, keep it interesting, keep it fun, and once your audience is invested you can end your video on a cliffhanger. Keeping your audience interested will allow them to stay interactive and allow the information to stick.

Following these simple steps will allow your business to grow and attract potential customers. For more information on key success factors in businesses, make sure to check out our blog!


Interact With Your Audience

This social media marketing platform is a great place to keep up with the latest TikTok trends, build your business and gain more followers. However, answering questions is an excellent way to connect with your audience and build relationships.

There are many different ways and types of content that you can make to become interactive, such as encouraging users to comment on your videos. You can then browse through the comments and create a video replying to the questions. Another way you can do this is by creating a Q&A for your profile – this is a public space that allows users to submit their questions.

For example, if you’re offering businesses help in a specific niche, you can offer business tips and advice to them within your content. Thus, if you start to see some questions constantly being asked by different people, then it indicates that you need to update your FAQ page to provide additional information for your audience.

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