You may be thinking that Bumble Bizz sounds very similar to a dating app called Bumble. This is because they are made by the same company – however, they serve different purposes.

Bumble is a well-known dating app used by thousands of people, whereas, Bumble Bizz allows Bumble users to create professional profiles for networking/ business purposes.

Bumble Bizz was created to allow people to find their next job through their network and allow business professionals to connect with each other.

From small business owners to entrepreneurs that have a lot of experience in the business world, Bumble Bizz can be a great way to network online and meet new people. For a guide on what Bumble is and how to use it, read on.



Is Bumble Bizz Connected to Bumble?

Bumble Bizz is connected to Bumble as it’s an extension of the app. It is a tool that allows users to build professional relationships online through social media. The aim of Bumble Bizz is to allow users to connect through networking in a fun and natural way.

Bumble doesn’t allow men to message women first, with the aim of encouraging women to make the first move. This applies to all aspects of this app.

Bumble Bizz doesn’t want to replace platforms such as Linkedin – instead, they simply want to fill a gap in the networking space.

It works exactly the sameas the dating section where you swipe left or right, however, instead of finding a match, you are looking for people to show off your goals and work experience.

To sum up, Bumble Bizz is connected to Bumble and works in very similar ways serving different purposes.


How Do I Use Bumble Bizz?

Bumble is accompanied by two different versions, such as Bumble BFF mode, which allows you to look for a new friend and Bumble Bizz, which allows you to look for a job or take part in networking.

So, how exactly do you use Bumble Bizz mode? Well, it’s really simple. Firstly, you will need to create a Bumble Bizz Profile by clicking ‘sign up’, then tap your profile icon located in the bottom left of the app.

Once you have done this, your profile will pop up. From there, you click the settings icon in the top corner of your screen. Next, you will need to change modes by clicking the ‘choose mode’ button at the top of your screen.

It will then give you three modes to choose from, such as ‘date’, ‘BFF’ and ‘bizz’. Depending on the mode you are after, choose ‘Bizz’ for networking.

Once you have chosen the mode you are after, click ‘complete my profile’ to begin filling in your details. For example, you will need to add a heading to show people what you do as well as your experience and education.

When you have finished filling out your profile, click done to begin using the app as normal. If you see someone you want to network with or communicate with about work, then swipe right for yes. However, if you want to continue looking, swipe left for no.


What Are The Advantages of Bumble Bizz?

Bumble Bizz is a great way for small businesses to grow and receive attention. This is because platforms such as LinkedIn may overlook small businesses, whereas Bumble Bizz allows small businesses to make connections, reach professional networks and gain new relationships.

The app is very straightforward to use and allows you to network from the comfort of your own home. Bumble Bizz removes the stressful aspects of networking to allow for a more ‘gamified’ approach.

There is no pressure when networking with Bumble Bizz, whereas there may be pressure at face-to-face networking events. The aim of Bumble Bizz is to take a more stress-free, casual approach to networking.

Bumble Bizz also helps you gain more relationships and forge new connections by allowing users to communicate with those in a similar industry to them.

LinkedIn allows you to connect with people you already know or are in a similar network to you, whereas, Bumble Bizz helps you growyour network as well as connect with people you already know.

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Are There Any Downsides to Bumble Bizz?

Overall, Bumble Bizz is a great way to network from the comfort of your home, gain new connections and build relationships with those in similar industries to you. However, just like all apps, Bumble Bizz can have its downsides.

For example, Bumble Bizz is not as well known compared to platforms such as LinkedIn, which means that fewer people are aware of the app, therefore, fewer connections are available.

Moreover, you are not always guaranteed a match on Bumble Bizz – however, this applies to most networking platforms. This is because the app solely focuses on matching those in a certain geographic range.

Although this may be ideal for small businesses, others may find this challenging or difficult if there are not many businesses in a similar industry to them in the area. Bumble Bizz may not be beneficial for multinational companies or professionals looking to network with people around the world.

Overall, the pros of Bumble Bizz outweigh the cons. Therefore, it is clear that it is a great way to meet new people and network with them.


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