Learn More From The Books You Read

Learn More From The Books You Read

Do you read the same book more than once?

Or do you look for a new one to get stuck into and follow that pattern?

I’ve pretty much always read books once and then assumed since I’ve read it, I must now have all the knowledge from that book.

Then I realised that with the book I’m currently reading, I’ve not taken in half as much as I thought I had, even though I’ve read the actual words and at the time thought I was taking in the information presented.

Simply by forgetting what page I was up to, I started a few pages back from where I actually was and I started to remember parts that I knew I’d definitely read. But there were lots of bits I was reading as if it was for the first time, with no recollection of the information being presented.

So to read a book once for the majority of people doesn’t actually mean you know everything that the author was putting out there in the words written.

I’ll now be re-reading many books I’ve read in the past to ensure I’m getting the most from them.

You might also want to re-read this caption as there could not be bits you’ve forgotten already? 😄

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