Liz Hamilton


!we are excited to announce Liz hamilton As our MOVE MEMBER OF THE MONTH for may! Liz’s business is VAvibe, who helps small businesses to save time through process automation.

Liz has been a MOVE Online member for over 3 years now!

In that time she has been a very valuable member, always offering great advice on our weekly meetings and being as helpful as possible to the MOVE Community.

She has been a co-host of our MOVE Online meetings and still regularly steps in when needed.

Liz is based in Southampton, but this has not stopped her from being one of the most consistent MOVE Online members we have, attending nearly all meetings!

She has also developed her business during her time at MOVE and never fails to ask great questions, showing vulnerability in order to ensure she keeps growing as a person. And with that approach, we have seen her grow in confidence as a business owner.

Thanks for being such a great MOVE member, Liz, keep on showing up like you do, we appreciate it!

Connect with Liz on LinkedIn here

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Dave Allen

A white male in a dark grey MOVE branded hoodie with bushes in the backdrop and cars parked in the road.

The award for April goes to Dave Allen! He is an expert and consultant in the telecoms industry! 

Dave is a MOVE Netwalking subscriber and has been attending for nearly 2 years now.

In that time, he has come regularly, always helping other people and always has a positive outlook.

He has brought along many great people to Netwalking that have gone on to become regular Netwalkers which has helped grow the community.

Dave also gets involved in the social meet-ups we host every few months which we always love to see from our members.

Keep up the top work, Dave, and keep doing what you’re doing!

Connect with Dave on LinkedIn here


steph waldron


for March, we are very happy to announce Steph Waldron As our MOVE MEMBER OF THE MONTH! Steph’s business is Zinzino who provide blood test based nutrition to help people live healthier and ALLEVIATE common health issues.

Steph has become an integral part of the MOVE Community and puts in a lot of effort to help it grow.

She is a member of the Thursday MOVE Online group and doesn’t miss a meeting; always asking great questions and offering valuable advice.

Steph also attends Sefton Park Netwalking every Saturday without fail, and the evening events during the spring and summer months too. She also helps with the videography for MOVE Netwalking as well as running the MOVE Instagram account.

She attends and supports our social and meet-up events; ultimately, taking advantage of all of what MOVE has to offer which is exactly the type of thing we love to see!

Thanks for being a dedicated MOVE member, Steph, keep doing what you’re doing!

Follow Steph on Instagram here

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Zoe Gerrard

A female in a dark dress holding a glass of wine, smiling and posing for a picture

The award for February goes to Zoe Gerrard! Her company, ZG Creative provides content creation and virtual assistant services to businesses in the travel industry! 

Zoe has been involved with the MOVE Community for 18 months and has consistently been a valuable member of our weekly MOVE Online meetings.

Zoe has used the platform to help her business grow and all from where she now lives, in Austria!

She’s back home to Liverpool 2-3 times per year and always makes the effort to attend our MOVE Netwalking events, which we always appreciate! She has also brought people to Netwalking who have become regular attendees!

Zoe provides such a good service that we brought her into MOVE to provide her services to us over a year ago; she always helps to keep us operating as efficiently as possible.

We are proud to have you in our MOVE community, Zoe, keep doing what you’re doing!

Connect with Zoe on LinkedIn here


Sophie gilmore


for January, we are very PLEASED to announce Sophie Gilmore As our MOVE MEMBER OF THE MONTH! Sophie’s business is Hybrid Tec who train, assess & develop programmes for gas, electrical, plumbing and renewables.

Sophie is one of our regular Netwalkers and is a subscriber to our Sefton Park events. She also brings her dog Maggie which we all love to see!

Sophie has been coming consistently to Netwalking for over a year and rarely has a week off. She was the fuel behind us having our Moel Famau Netwalking event in the Summer too which was a great success.

She always helps and encourages us to grow our walking community and asks great questions to make us think about how we can do even better.

Sophie has also been to our MOVE Socials and also attends our MOVE Dining events. We always appreciate members that take advantage of what MOVE has on offer.

Thanks for being a top MOVE member, Sophie, keep doing what you do! 

Connect with Sophie on LinkedIn here

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Diane thomas

A female in a white dress, sat on a chair in the bottom right of the image. She is in the corner of a room with exposed brick to the right walk and a a smooth white wall to the left with a 'DCT Recruitment' logo at the top left of the image.

December’s award goes to Diane Thomas of the award winning DCt recruitment who provide TEMPORARY and permanent recruitment services to the commercial, construction, hospitality and industrial sectors!

Well done Diane

During Diane’s time as a MOVE Online member, she has grown her business and become a valuable part of the MOVE Community!

She is super supportive in her weekly MOVE Online meetings and attends our other events such as MOVE Socials and MOVE Netwalking.

She has also attended our newest offering, MOVE Dining which we love!

Diane has shown a lot of support for MOVE and its members and for that, we are very thankful.

Thanks for being a top MOVE member, Diane and keep doing what you do!

Connect with Diane on LinkedIn here


Laura Evison


for November, we are excited to announce Laura Evison As our MOVE MEMBER OF THE MONTH! Laura’s businesses are point accounting and one of the cloud, where she helps businesses grow operationally and financially!

Laura has been a member of MOVE for a few years and has become better and better as time has passed.

We are big advocates of personal and professional development at MOVE and Laura is someone that really has gone the extra mile to do just that, for herself personally and in her businesses.

Laura is a valuable member of MOVE Online as well as regularly attending our MOVE Netwalking events at Sefton Park with her partner, Chris, and her dog, Ted. She also gets involved in our MOVE Social events too which we love!

She has a great personal brand and if you think Laura, you think Xero Queen! If you ever need support with Xero, bookkeeping or your accounts in general, Laura is a go-to person!

Thanks Laura for being a great MOVE member, we appreciate it; keep up the great work! 

Connect with Laura on LinkedIn here

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A white male with a beard, smiling directly at the camera. Also wearing a pale blue shirt, red tie and dark grey waistcoat

The award for October goes to Andy O’hare of APOC IT SOLUTIONS who help busy business owners with their tech issues so they can get back to doing what they do best!

congratulations Andy

Andy has been a part of MOVE for around 6 months and in that time has done pretty much everything a top member would.

He supports the MOVE Online community by attending meetings other than his own and he became the host of the Wednesday 7am meeting after just a couple of months, along with helping out in the Thursday group.

He comes to the MOVE Socials and has also been to MOVE Netwalking at Sefton Park.

Andy always passes on his business and life lessons to others and is a great leader, being open and honest about how things are going; a trait which is really valuable.

Thanks for all you do within MOVE, Andy, keep showing up like you do!

Connect with Andy on LinkedIn here


Rachel Philpotts

for September, we are proud to announce Rachel Philpotts As our MOVE MEMBER OF THE MONTH! rachel helps ‘tired & wired’ career women to step off the emotional rollercoaster and fulfil their career potential!

Rachel is a long-term member of MOVE and very quickly became the Co-Host of the Thursday 10am MOVE Online group, fulfilling that role for over a year!

She has attended many MOVE Socials, getting involved in the wider MOVE Community.

She has steadily grown her business during her time at MOVE and also offered very god advice and support to other MOVE members.

Rachel recently became a published author, successfully launching her book, The Burnout Bible, on Amazon and in book stores. (you can get your copy here).

Thanks being a top MOVE member, Rachel, congratulations! 

Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn here

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Caroline ascroft

A head and shoulders image of a white female with brown hair smiling for a picture

The award for august goes to Caroline Ascroft of C A Interior Designs who design beautiful interiors and paint bespoke murals

congratulations Caroline

Caroline has been in the MOVE Community for over a year now and takes advantage of what MOVE has on offer to make herself and her business better!

She has steadily grown her business since joining MOVE Online and slowly but surely learnt along the way, gaining bigger and better projects as she goes.

Her latest mural was a great example of the standard and quality of work she produces and it’s no wonder she has recently been nominated for a national award!

Caroline co-hosts our Tuesday MOVE Online meeting and also gets involved with the MOVE Social events and is generally a very supportive and giving member of our valuable community.

Thanks for all you do within MOVE, Caroline, don’t slow down!

Connect with Caroline on LinkedIn here


Ste Devaney


Since Ste became a MOVE Online member, he’s listened, learned and implemented things in his business that have enabled him to expand his client base which has been great to see.

He gets involved in our MOVE Socials and has also attended MOVE Netwalking too, making the most of what MOVE has to offer!

He has also stepped in to host and co-host many of our MOVE Online meetings on different days and times, showing he can be relied upon when needed.

Ste has also given lots of help and brought visitors along to MOVE to help grow the community which is a quality highly regarded by our members!

Keep on growing and doing what you’re doing Ste, we appreciate the effort and your commitment.

Connect with Ste on Instagram here or LinkedIn here

Ste Delaney, a white male in a blue hoodie and shorts, sat down with a camera in front of him on a tripod.


Rod Waldron

Rod Waldron with a shirt and tie on in a rural setting wearing a Rostons branded coat.

June’s award goes to Rod Waldron of Rostons agricultural and rural property and land specialists

congratulations Rod! 🥳

Rod has been in MOVE since day one and attended our very first ever MOVE Netwalking event back in July 2019!

He has been coming virtually every week since and is one of the most consistent West Kirby Netwalkers and also comes along to the Sefton Park event now and again too.

Rod attends our MOVE Social events when he can, which we love to see (including the June summer event!)

He shouts about Netwalking every week on his social media accounts in order to attract new people to get involved and he is great at offering solid advice to people at Netwalking, especially when it comes to property!

He also loves to be a bit of a joker 😅

Thanks for your efforts within MOVE Rod, we appreciate it! 😁

Connect with Rod on LinkedIn here


Laura Harvey

We are excited to announce Laura Harvey as our Member of the Month for May! Laura has a hospitality consultancy business in which she helps her clients become more efficient and profitable!

Her unwavering commitment to her business, impressive business growth, and supportive nature have truly set her apart. 

Laura’s dedication and perseverance in building her hospitality consultancy have been commendable and her success is inspiring.

She takes full advantage of MOVE Online, often attending other groups through the week.

She has also actively engaged in MOVE Networking and the MOVE Socials which we always love to see! And if you attend the next MOVE Social, you may get to see her party trick! 😅

We are grateful to have Laura as a fabulous member of our community.

Congratulations Laura, keep doing what you’re doing! 🙌

You can connect with Laura here

Laura Harvey, a white female with dark hair, smiling, sat outside in a city street with a grey blazer and black top doing work at a table


Steph leather

A picture of Steph Leather from Entrust Remote Financial Services Assistance. A white female, smiling with a mustard colour wooly hat and a black coat

April’s award goes to steph leather of Entrust remote Financial Services support! 🥇

congratulations Steph! 🎉

Steph is incredibly talented and knowledgeable in her sector and that shows through her journey since joining MOVE – going from looking for her first client to now being at capacity and looking to take on associates!

This is a great example of what is possible when being driven and tapping into a supportive community, and Steph has done just that.

As well as a MOVE Online member, she is also a regular MOVE Netwalker and is always in attendance at our MOVE Social events; exactly what we love to see from our members 🙌

Steph is a keen adventurer, enjoying paddle boarding and other activities, as well as having a camper van that she regularly uses to go exploring in.

Thanks for your continued efforts within MOVE and your own business and life, Steph, keep it up! 😁

Connect with Steph on LinkedIn here


Ben Duffy

The award for march goes to Ben Duffy! Ben works for Quirky digital, an SEO company that ranks websites at the top of google.

Ben, who loves playing rugby and is a massive team player, always steps up when people need him and he is always willing to help! He has also become the Co-Host of the Wednesday 7am MOVE Online business support group and does a great job!

Ben always asks great questions on his MOVE Online meetings so that he can become a better version of himself. He also puts the work in and takes action, and that shows, as he has worked his way up at Quirky Digital from apprentice to senior leadership level during his time at MOVE.

Ben also shows support for MOVE by regularly attending the MOVE Socials, which we love!

Congratulations Ben, keep leading by example! 🕺

You can connect with Ben here

A picture of Ben Duffy, a white male in a white shirt, tie and dark waistcoat at an awards ceremony holding a winner's award and smiling


Maria Challis

Tom Bates, a white male sitting on a sofa with a white shirt and dark blazer on

The award for February 2023 goes to Maria Challis of James James Kitchen! 🏆

congratulations maria! 🎉

What can we say about Maria? She is the owner of the successful James James Kitchens in West Kirby. Her LinkedIn profile hashtags say it all – she talks about charity, innovation and giving back!

She’s tenacious. She’s focused. She likes to have fun! She has strong business ethics and supports and helps the MOVE Community! She is an OG of MOVE too and a member of our MOVE ambassador team, hosting our Tuesday 10am MOVE Online group.

Maria is an entrepreneur who always goes above and beyond for her clients and for her friends and colleagues! She’s one of those people who has been there for us since the beginning and never lets us down

Thanks for being a great member, Maria, keep doing what you do! 🕺

Connect with Maria on LinkedIn here

January 2023


The first award of 2023 goes to Liam Quirk! His company provide SEO services at a very high level and Liam has done a great job growing his business since joining MOVE.

He takes advantage of everything MOVE has to offer including MOVE Online, MOVE Netwalking, MOVE Elite, MOVE Coaching and MOVE Socials!

The Quirky team’s effort were recently rewarded when they won Best New Business at the Liverpool Chamber awards.

Liam is a great example of what can be achieved with ambition, hard work and getting right support along the way

Congratulations, Liam, for winning MOVE Member of the Month! 🕺

You can connect with Liam here

John Parry Fleet Services Driver Training MOVE Online


Tom Bates

Tom Bates, a white male sitting on a sofa with a white shirt and dark blazer on

The award for December 2022 goes to Tom BATES of Asset Training! 🏆

congratulations Tom! 🥳

Tom is a long-standing member of MOVE and in that time has cemented himself as a really valuable person to know. He regularly invites people to MOVE Online and shouts about MOVE to his network.

When you think Tom Bates, you think Apprenticeships! And that is from the solid personal brand he’s established for himself. He’s the top salesperson at Asset Training which shows his calibre!

Tom is a keen networker which we love to see. We encourage all of our MOVE Community members to go out and network and Tom does a great job of this.

If you haven’t had a 121 with Tom, we’d certainly encourage it!

Thanks for being a top member, Tom, keep up the great work! 🙌

Connect with Tom on LinkedIn here



The award for November goes to Zoe Morris! She is a regular attendee of our MOVE Netwalking West Kirby group and also attends the MOVE Socials!

Zoe started coming to Netwalking at the start of the year and had recently used Herbalife to get her health in a better place, losing weight in the process and becoming physically fitter!

She has turned that passion into a purpose and has steadily built a Herbalife business from scratch to now having a health club based in Wirral!

She regularly encourages people she knows to come to Netwalking, helping to build the community with quality people.

She is also very active on Instagram, regularly posting Reels and pictures about MOVE Netwalking, her clients’ success and her journey!

No Sunday goes by without her taking a group selfie of the Netwalkers and she brings a lot of energy and fun to the events!

Keep doing what you’re doing Zoe and thanks for being an amazing part of the MOVE Community!

Congratulate Zoe for winning MOVE member of the month! 🎉

You can connect with Zoe here

John Parry Fleet Services Driver Training MOVE Online


Suzy Couper

MOVE Online

The award for October 2022 goes to Suzy Couper of Sales Skills accelerator! 🏆

congratulations Suzy! 🥳

Suzy is fully committed to MOVE and it’s ethos of self development; she makes great contributions to the Wednesday morning MOVE Online meeting and the Sunday Netwalking team!

Throughout her time at MOVE, Suzy has continued to grow Sales Skills Accelerator at a constant rate and winning multiple large contracts! She is possibly the biggest advocate MOVE possesses! we are incredibly grateful to have Suzy as part of our community!

Thanks Suzy, keep doing what you do 🙌

Connect with Suzy on LinkedIn here


Chris Drew

The award for September goes to Chris Drew! is a member of both MOVE Online and Netwalking; fully committing himself to networking!

Throughout his time at MOVE, he has steadily grown his business; regularly winning new clients because of the advice and knowledge he has ready at hand… which he also shares with his fellow members and followers! 👌

Chris is super consistent and has recently started to add video content to his social media strategy; a good example of him learning from others and then taking action!

Please congratulate Chris for winning MOVE member of the month – fully deserved! 🎉

You can connect with Chris here

John Parry Fleet Services Driver Training MOVE Online


Chris Ashton

MOVE Online

The award for AUGUST 2022 goes to chris ashton of TIME 54 Marketing! 🏆

congratulations Chris! 🥳

Chris is incredibly generous and responsible for helping many MOVE members by sharing his knowledge around business growth and what actionable information he’s drawn from the hours he spends reading and listening to podcasts.

Although not local, he has attended MOVE Netwalking and many of our MOVE Social events over the years! He’s also slowly and steadily grown his business over the course of his time as a MOVE Online member. 🚀

Keep doing what you do, Chris 💪

Connect with Chris on LinkedIn here



The award for July goes to John Parry! He is absolutely committed to MOVE and is a member of MOVE Online, Netwalking, and MOVE Elite Mastermind.

John is always willing to give his time to help and elevate the people around him and he’s committed to achievement; last month he joined a gym and has maintained his efforts.

On top of all that, he also keeps himself accountable on social media; showing no fear of failure.

Everyone please give John Parry a huge congratulations 👏🏆

You can connect with John here

John Parry Fleet Services Driver Training MOVE Online



MOVE Online

The award for June 2022 goes to none other than Scott Whitney of All4Inclusion CIC!  

congratulations Scott! 

Scott is someone who truly lives the MOVE values and is always pushing his new venture to raise awareness amongst people 

He even the finds time to be the person who invites the most people to MOVE Online! 

Keep up the great work Scott 

Connect with Scott on LinkedIn here