Moel Famau

MOVE Netwalking Main Event:

Moel Famau


24th September 2023


MOVE Netwalking is on the road! Our first of many one-off events for everyone to enjoy.

Since our weekly MOVE Netwalking events in Liverpool and Wirral have become very popular, we have had many requests to go further afield and do a bigger walk or hike.

So where better to get started than every scouser’s favourite moel hill – Moel Famau!

A green hill with a distant view of North Wales with a blue, cloudy sky

It’s simple to get involved


Book onto the event


Follow the instructions


Meet up and get walking & talking!

Key details:

> Date – 24th September 2023

8.30am to start the walk from the meet up point at Moel Famau (link to map in confirmation email)

Car-share options available from Liverpool and Wirral (7am pickup)

Take the longer, easier path up Moel Famau

Reach the summit around 10.30am

Back to the car park approx 12pm

Travel to We Three Loggerheads venue for lunch at 1pm*

Head home at approx 2.30pm


* Lunch not included in ticket price

Remember to stay hydrated!

Various coloured and sized stainless steel thermal mugs and water bottles

Things to check before booking

Is the event free for MOVE Netwalking Subscribers?

Yes! If you have any of the subscriptions available for MOVE Netwalking, you can currently go to our MOVE Netwalking Main Events for free! If you’re not, you can sign up to a subscription at any point – just go to the top of this page and click ‘Buy A SubScription’.

Need a lift?

If you need a lift to get there, we have some very kind Netwalkers that have offered to take people from a designated location for pickup and drop off. If you require a lift, contact us on and we will do our best to get you a space in a car that is suitable for your location in Liverpool or Wirral. Once we have confirmed you have a seat in a designated car and you know the pick-up and drop-of points, you can then book onto the event.

Are there any toilets?

There are toilets a short walk from the meeting point that operate from 8am.

Is food provided?

No food is provided, but you’re more than welcome bring snacks along. The plan is to go to a local venue – We Three Loggerheads, for lunch at 1pm. You can then purchase whatever you fancy at your own cost.

Where is the meeting point at Moel Famau?

There are a few different car parks at Moel Famau. Once you’ve have booked on, the confirmation email will have the exact meeting point in a map.

What if I struggle to get to the top?

We cannot assess your ability to walk to the top and back. Please assess your level of physical capability and only book on if you know you can comfortably walk to the top and back. Consult with your GP if you need any medical advice regarding taking part. You need to be in good physical health to take part. We will not be held responsible for any issues you may face during the event.

The venue: We Three Loggerheads

A traditional pub with white render and wooden seating outside