MOVE Online America Subscription

MOVE Online America – Subscription Agreement

Weekly events:

Every Tuesday

10am-11.30pm ET

Every Wednesday

5pm-6.30pm ET

Monthly subscription:

Yearly subscription:
$660 (one month free)

Membership Agreement:

1. You will attend the set day each week for the calendar month.

2. If you cannot attend your meeting, please contact Lesley via and advise if you have somebody taking your place. It is not compulsory to have a sub, but doing so really does help ensure the meeting is well attended for those that do make it.

3. A minimum of 3 meetings per calendar month. This is to ensure the continuity of your personal and business development. If you are unable to attend your set meeting, we are happy for you to attend a different MOVE Online meeting that week (In the UK or America, subject to availability).

4. If you attend 2 meetings or less, your membership will automatically be cancelled at the end of the current month.

5. If your membership is cancelled because you have not attended 3 meetings, you will not be eligible re-join for one full calendar month and we will need your commitment that you can attend a minimum of 3 meetings.

6. If you cannot commit to attending a minimum of 3 meetings each month, then please do not commit to a MOVE Online America Subscription; we don’t want you to pay for a membership where you will struggle to attend the meetings.

7. If you are due to be away on vacation, that’s not a problem. We allow a maximum of 4 absences for holidays during the year. If you will be absent due to going away/taking annual leave, simply inform Lesley via

8. A private ‘Members Only’ WhatsApp group is included for engaging within other members outside of the online events. The group includes all of the MOVE Online America members from the various groups. (This will increase as we grow moving forward).

9. We encourage you to grow your community (Whether your own or other MOVE Online America groups) Inviting people that you know, in any capacity, is a great way to enable this.

10. We encourage you to have 1 to 1 catch ups with other members in order to form, build and maintain great relationships which helps with your own personal and business development.

11. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by providing 1 month’s notice to Lesley via

12. If your payment isn’t received by 15th of the month, the membership place for the following month will be released to the online booking system on the MOVE website from 16th and your membership will automatically be cancelled at the end of the month.

13. The weekly Zoom links to the events are sent via email.

Payment and membership conditions:

1. The monthly payment of $60 will be invoiced via email and is payable upon receipt.

2. From April, all subscriptions will be set up to take payment on a monthly basis.

3. A saving of $60 is applied for 12 month subscription of $660.