Cynthia Moore

Cynthia Moore

Cynthia Moore

  • Transformational Coach
  • Executive, Business, Career & Life
  • Change Expert
  • Enabling Freedom & Success


More About Cynthia

With over 15 years of corporate experience in Change Management, Programme Management, Business Systems and Culture change, Cynthia now combines her corporate expertise with her interests in neuroscience, languages, cultures and travel to support Professionals and Entrepreneurs achieve success by introducing greater freedom in thought processes. This enables Cynthia’s clients to see more opportunities, more possibilities and greater potential in themselves.

Cynthia has lived in 4 countries to date, and has travelled extensively. Living in different cultures has given Cynthia a deep understanding of cultural perspectives and differences, as well as commonalities. Travel even became a complete lifestyle, as Cynthia spent 3 years travelling through Europe by road. Cynthia’s rich and varied tapestry of experience enables her to challenge her clients beliefs around what is possible for them. Being multilingual, Cynthia mainly works in English and Dutch.

Cynthia’s mission is to create global unity through enabling insights & challenging long-held cultural, societal and individual beliefs, at scale. Driven by the energy that connects us all, a belief in freedom in all forms and a knowing of limitless potential, I help others achieve this too.

With strongly held beliefs that coaching is a powerful support tool that should be widely available, Cynthia does pro-bono work for Military Veterans through X-Forces Enterprise, to support those who are transitioning to civilian life and are looking to start their own business. In addition, Cynthia regularly participates in coaching events supporting the MicroLoan Foundation and mental health charities.

Question & Answer With Cynthia

Best book recommendation and why?
I have many more to read to be able to truly suggest one here, but for now I recommend the Chimp Paradox by Prof. Steve Peters. This book describes, in a way that is easy to understand, how the brain works in relation to our behaviours. It helps the reader to understand their own behaviours better, thereby raising self-awareness which is key to strong personal leadership.
What’s your ‘Why’?
I am passionate about people reaching their potential, professionally and personally. I know & am change and I will help my clients make change happen. I’m driven by freedom and that is what I help my clients achieve.
Interesting fact?
Through my past corporate work, I have had the opportunity to have encounters with Bill Clinton and the Dalai Lama. Both encounters, although brief, taught me an incredible amount about Leadership and the power of a real ability to connect with people, and very different ways to achieve the same.
Favourite animal?
I absolutely love dogs, and of course our Jack Russell, Luna. Dolphins, however, are my spirit animal.
Best way to use free time?
Being outdoors, simply being still or reading. I love being outdoors in nature, going on long hikes, or bike rides. I also love outdoor exercise like running and cycling. I have competed in triathlons and even had a 10-year stint in football, which was a real passion of mine. Reading is something we should all do more of, as it can inspire great new ideas when we are able to really assimilate the information we read. Being still allows for the assimilation and fusion of ideas to create new ideas.