MOVE Online UK

Why MOVE Online?

We are the Future of Business Networking and Personal Development

We have multiple MOVE Online Business and Personal Development Events on a weekly basis, that use the Zoom app to connect people virtually.

They really complement local, in-person network events and help to connect people from anywhere In the world.

Business referral networking event are great to find new business by building relationships.

Our events are a great support mechanism for business owners and professionals that need the support in order to keep on growing.

We are excited to have made the world a bit smaller.

MOVE Calendar

Events Schedule

Days and times for the events (All London, GMT time)
MOVE Online Events

Booking on to an event

To book on to an event, please select from the dates in the booking calendar below.

The fee per event is £15.00. This is fully refunded if you do not enjoy or get value from the event!

Don’t see a day/time that would suit you? No problem, let Lesley know on and we will add you to a list for future possible events for the day and time you’d prefer.

NOTE: Safari browsers sometimes has issues with the booking system cookie notification below. If you experience any issues, please try another browser such as Chrome, Firefox etc

Event Checklist

Everything you need to know and prepare for the event will be contained in the confirmation email you will receive upon registering. If you do not receive this straight away, please check you junk/spam folder. If you still cannot locate the confirmation email, an incorrect email address may have been entered and therefore, please contact Lesley on

Those attending a MOVE Online Network event are encouraged to do two things:

Help others as much as they can and do not try to sell to the other attendees. If you get to know somebody really well over a prolonged period of time (Not just the one time of meeting them), you’re more likely to want to help them gain what they’re looking for and, therefore, they will usually want to reciprocate.

So the byproduct of forming relationships and always aiming to help people, is that you will start to receive more of what you want – Business, help with something, finding others that are also passionate about the same interests and hobbies etc.

Mark Waldron promotes all MOVE Online Events through his content on LinkedIn and uploads regular videos throughout the week to showcase the events. Click here to visit Mark’s LinkedIn profile.