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You can try MOVE Netwalking twice for free! After that, simply subscribe to stay involved and gain access to all weekly events throughout the month. Whether you attend once per month or multiple events, it’s a simple monthly subscription of £10+vat that you’ll get tons of value from, including the MOVE Community App (coming soon)


Incorporating networking, walking and being outdoors in one event, MOVE Netwalking is an event that takes place during weekends at multiple locations.


The events are set up in a way that embodies the core principles of what MOVE stands for:


Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Business and Personal Development

Great Relationships

Contributing to What the World Needs

Walking and talking is good for the brain!

Many studies have shown that walking in the fresh air while talking has many benefits with regard to mental well-being, alertness, and coming up with new ideas, meaning it’s generally good all around to get to know new people and local businesses.



Sefton Park Lake with people and wild life in the picture

Every Saturday with start times @ 7am, 7.30am & 8am

Every Wednesday at 6.30pm (Spring and summer)

Sefton Park, Liverpool (exact meeting locations for each joining time sent via the booking confirmation email)

Attendees walk around and through Sefton Park, weaving through the various pathways around the lake and by the Palm House.
The total distance for the Saturday event is approximately 4.5 miles. For those that join the group at 7.30am. its approximately 3 miles and if joining at 8am, it’s approximately 1.5 miles. The Wednesday event is approximately 3 miles.
Everybody then finishes at a local independent, dog-friendly Cafe on Lark lane for tea, coffee and breakfast, where they can stay as long as they wish.

West Kirby Marine Lake

Every Sunday with start times @ 7am, 7.30am & 8am

West Kirby Marina, Wirral (exact meeting location sent via booking confirmation email)

Attendees walk around the marina 1, 2 or 3 times (depending on the time they wish to join) and then straight onto a local independent, dog-friendly cafe for tea/coffee/breakfast etc if you choose.
The distance walked for all 3 laps is approximately  4.5 miles (around 1.5 miles per lap). Even those that come along that feel they may not be up to walking all 3 laps, always manage to get round OK and don’t quite realise they’ve walked 3 laps already!



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