Incorporating networking, walking and being outdoors in one event, MOVE Netwalking is an event that takes place during weekends at multiple locations.


The events are set up in a way that embodies the core principles of what MOVE stands for:


  • Physical and Mental Wellbeing

  • Business and Personal Development

  • Great Relationships

  • Contributing to What the World Needs

Walking and talking is good for the brain!

Many studies have shown that walking while talking has many benefits with regards to mental wellbeing, alertness, coming up with new ideas and it’s generally good all round to get to know new people

Those involved are encouraged to do two things

Help others in any way they can and don’t try to sell to people. If you get to know somebody really well over a prolonged period of time (Not just the one time of meeting them), you’ll be more likely to want to help them gain what they’re looking for and they will usually want to reciprocate. So the byproduct of forming relationships and always aiming to help people is that you will start to receive more of what you want – Business, help with something, finding that others that are also passionate about the same interests and hobbies etc.



Every Saturday @ 7am

Sefton Park, Liverpool, L17 1AP

Attendees walk around and through Sefton Park, weaving through the various pathways around the lake and by the Palm House.
The total distance is approximately 4.5 miles.
Everybody then finishes at a local independent Cafe on Lark lane for tea, coffee and breakfast, where they can stay as long as they wish.


West Kirby Marine Lake

Every Sunday @ 7am

West Kirby Marina, Merseyside CH48 3HZ

Attendees walk around the marina 3 times and then straight onto Hannah’s Cafe.
The distance walked is a little under 5 miles and even those that come along that feel they may not be up to walking that far, always manage to get round OK and don’t quite realise they walked 3 laps already!



Move Meetings

Business & Personal Development meetings

Move Netwalking

Networking, walking & being outdoors

Move Courses

Taking You From Business Struggle To Business Class

Without doubt one of the best business and personal development online events out there. It’s much more than a networking event, it’s an opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded business people who you can learn from and work with.
I’ve been a member since June 2020 and it’s definitely helped me grow as an individual as well as gaining work through referrals. If you’re looking to progress as a person and in business, join MOVE Online!
Chris Ashton

I’ve been in MOVE Online for over 12 months now. It’s not your average networking group – it’s so much more! Over the last 12+ months, I’ve met some of the most amazing people through MOVE, who all go out of their way to help each other, with everything from business queries to fitness tips (and everything in between). MOVE has certainly kept me sane during the many lockdowns, and provided a safe space to talk about anything – not just business. It’s a great community of like-minded people, and well worth a visit, if you haven’t been before! Thanks to Mark and Andrea for creating MOVE and for your help and support!
Chris Kelly

I’ve been in the MOVE community for 6 months and it’s been an amazing support both personally and professionally. The weekly meetings are a non negotiable in my working week and the support, advice and work I’ve had from the wider group has been invaluable to my business. I highly recommend it to anyone in business looking for a unique personal and professional development space where you’re surrounded by ambitious, motivated, fun people!
Laila Datoo