What is MOVE Netwalking?

Incorporating networking, walking and being outdoors in one event, MOVE Netwalking is an event that takes place during weekends at multiple locations.

The events are set up in a way that embodies the core principles of what MOVE stands for:

Walking and talking is good for the brain!

Many studies have shown that walking while talking has many benefits with regards to mental wellbeing, alertness, coming up with new ideas and it’s generally good all round to get to know new people.

Those involved are encouraged to do two things

Help others in any way they can and don’t try to sell to people. If you get to know somebody really well over a prolonged period of time (Not just the one time of meeting them), you’ll be more likely to want to help them gain what they’re looking for and they will usually want to reciprocate. So the byproduct of forming relationships and always aiming to help people is that you will start to receive more of what you want – Business, help with something, finding that others that are also passionate about the same interests and hobbies etc.

Select a MOVE Netwalking event below to book on for a single event 👇

Sefton Park

Saturdays @ 7am - Sefton Park, Liverpool

Netwalking Wirral

Sundays @ 7am - West Kirby Marine Lake, Wirral

Netwalking Manchester

Sundays @ 7am - Hollingworth, Manchester