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In 2021, online events have rocketed, with more and more options for online events available every day.

Online events are a safe, time effective way of expanding your network, getting business advice, and learning more about different industries.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an employee, or you’re self-employed, you can definitely benefit from joining a MOVE online event. Keep reading to find out more about online events and how they can help you.

What Is An Online Event?

Online events are exactly what it says on the tin- events that take place in a virtual space instead of a physical one. Online events including our events at MOVE have a specific time, date, and agenda. Events can last anything between 30 minutes and several hours, so be sure to read over the event details before joining so you can reserve the time.

In the business world, online events can be anything from a webinar to a conference with many people. Online events can be a replacement for real-life events or can be a standalone thing.

In a typical online event, there’ll be the main speaker or admin, and you’ll have the opportunity to interact with other attendees. Many online event-hosting platforms such as Zoom will give you the chance to virtually raise your hand, signalling to others that you have something you want to contribute.

Online events will typically cost you, although some are free. Many hosts will allow you to partake in the first event for free, but you’ll have to pay if you want to join another one. At MOVE, we charge £15.00 to join an online event, but this is fully refunded if you didn’t enjoy the session or get any value from it.

MOVE Online Events

How Do I Prepare?

Before you join an online event, it’s important to do some research about the company, the people attending, and any topics being covered. There’s nothing worse than being asked to speak and having nothing to say, or being the only one unable to contribute – well thankfully, proper research can prevent this.

If you’ve registered to join a MOVE online event, we’ll send you a confirmation email that will contain more information about the event. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder, as sometimes the mail gets directed there.

To ensure that the event starts on time, try to join the virtual space 5 minutes early. This will give the admin time to let people into the virtual room, preventing any delays.

Online Networking Agenda

Online event agendas can vary depending on the type of event, the people attending, and the company hosting it.

At MOVE, our events look like this:

How Do I Join an Online Event?

One of the best ways to find online events is by scouring social media. Asking your Linkedin collections, speaking up in Facebook groups, and even tweeting to your Twitter network can give you opportunities to join online events.

Many online events have referral systems – somebody from inside the online group can refer you to join a session or two for free to try it out, and then you can go on to either get a membership or pay per session.

A quick Google search can bring up many events, but if you want something more specific, the best approach is by asking people you already know in the business world.

Booking on to event

How Can An Online Event Help Me?

Online events are becoming more and more popular – one of the reasons being that it’s cost-effective. Instead of forking out funds to travel, to contribute to the venue cost, and for snacks and coffee, you just have to pay a small fee to join or host the event online. Online events are also a great way of avoiding childcare costs.

It’s also time-saving to join a virtual event instead of attending a physical one. You’ll save time travelling to and from the venue and setting up for the event – all you have to do with an online event is research, prepare, and click the ‘join’ button.

Online events can make it easier for a wider variety of people to join – it’s a place that people all over the world can join with the click of a button. This broadens your network and introduces you to people that can help your business in many ways.

Our MOVE events give you the opportunity to network with people from a wide range of occupations. Having a mix of people not only expands your network but gives you more opportunities and better advice.

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