Networking with people in real life is a great way to start taking control of your personal and business relationships. Without networking, it can become difficult to meet new people, form meaningful relationships and become the best version of yourself.

However, it can be a daunting task for a lot of people as you will have to come out of your shell to talk to people instead of being shy. This can be one of the main reasons why people never truly meet their full potential.

The networking process can be made out to be quite scary, but we’re here to show you how exciting it can be and how in-person networking can change your life, forever. Keep reading to learn how you can take advantage of our best tips to master in-person networking.


What is In-Person Networking?

Hosting in-person networking events can be set in many different locations – a park, by a lake, a beach, a promenade – or it can be set at someone’s workplace, coffee shop, etc where you can sit down and enjoy the other people’s company.

Everybody’s main goal of the networking event is to talk to like-minded people who want to change their lives and improve their ability to network and make new connections. Whether you want to make friends or widen your business network, there are always so many opportunities to make either happen when having a conversation with so many people from a broader range of different businesses.

In-person networking is essentially just meeting new people (e.g at an event) and having face-to-face interactions to create meaningful memories and hopefully spark new relationships you didn’t realise were possible before.

As a business owner of a company, developing these personal relationships can be the difference between gaining clients and standing still. No owner should be satisfied and standstill. We should always want more – not just for us, but for other companies too as we may realise that our businesses are a great fit for one another.

At MOVE, we host a bunch of in-person networking events which allow you to mix with a whole load of industries where you can learn and collaborate outdoors to gain endless amounts of knowledge and relationships. If you’d like to look into it, check out our Netwalking Page.


Tips for Networking In Person

Networking with different people and companies can feel very demanding and pressured – you may be put in a situation where you don’t know which is the best way to go about it.

“What do I say first to get them to be impressed? How do I dress? Will they like me?” These are all thoughts you may find yourself going through before meeting with anyone – so here is what you have to focus on for your next or first in-person networking event:


Look the Part

When meeting people for the first time, first impressions are everything! What better way to impress is there than dressing appropriately. We recommend you pick up professional attire to go to your networking event as this portrays great organisational skills and hygiene. Not only will you look good, but you will feel good about yourself in how you look – this will help the way you communicate with others!


Bring a Pen and Paper

With every interaction, comes opportunity. It is one task interacting with people at the event – actually remembering it is another. After every conversation, we recommend taking notes on every person you talk with because it is easy to miss minor details that may mean so much in hindsight. Little sprinkles of free knowledge will never go unwanted – so bring your pen and paper and get writing!


Show That You Care

Meeting online or through social media and not face-to-face it hard to present positive body language, eye contact or facial expressions. All these factors play a part in people’s assessment of how they are as a person. Asking people sincere questions to learn about them – to create long, thoughtful answers will make the person talking feel good about themselves. Every human being likes talking about themselves, so showing a genuine interest in what they do, their career and role, etc will go a long way.


Listening Over Talking

A good listener is always more valuable than a good talker – no matter the situation. In networking especially, being able to let the other person talk first and formulating a captivating, relevant conversation based on their interests is a massively valued skill.

Overtalking and interrupting during interactions will not get anyone to value what you’re saying – it will more than likely sabotage any ideas and plans you have for doing business with them too. Let your resume and testimonials do the talking for you! Action over words.


Keep in Touch

If there was anybody at the in-person networking event that you felt could be a good fit for your business – or is just a likeable person that you have a lot of time for and would be a good connection to have (potentially a friend) make sure to contact them via email or text a few days after the event.

If you had a good business chat with them, make sure to follow up with them accordingly in the manner you were speaking to them in person about setting up a meeting or interview.

If you feel the person could be a long-term friend or someone you want to surround yourself with, ask them to meet up for a coffee sometime.

This all illustrates that you care for the person and feel like they would add value to your life, which will make them feel amazing about themselves!


MOVE Together

If you’re looking to get your service out to the masses, keeping up with today’s marketing demands and just meeting more like-minded people – check out our netwalking and online courses pages. Let’s make more purposeful, impactful human beings together!