Modern Slavery Statement


MOVE Online is committed to ensuring that all aspects of our business and supply chain are free from modern slavery and human trafficking. Our dedication to ethical practices, integrity, and respect for human rights underpins everything we do.

As a prominent online platform providing moving and logistical services across the United Kingdom, we understand the importance of vigilance and responsibility in preventing modern slavery. This statement articulates our ongoing efforts and commitments to combatting these issues, in compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.


Our Business and Supply Chain


Operating as a leading facilitator in the moving industry, MOVE Online connects individuals and businesses with a wide range of moving and logistical services.

Our operations encompass a diverse network of suppliers, including transport and logistics companies, packing material providers, and freelance professionals. We are committed to ethical business conduct and demand the same high standards from our partners and suppliers.


Policies on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking


At the heart of our approach to combatting modern slavery is a comprehensive policy framework that guides our actions and decisions.

This framework includes our Ethical Code of Conduct and Supplier Ethical Standards, which underscore our zero-tolerance stance on modern slavery and human trafficking. These policies are designed to ensure that all our business dealings are conducted ethically, transparently, and responsibly.


Due Diligence and Risk Assessment


Recognising the potential risks of modern slavery within our operations and supply chains, we have implemented stringent due diligence processes.

These are aimed at identifying, assessing, and mitigating any risks related to modern slavery and human trafficking. Through close engagement and scrutiny of our suppliers and partners, we seek to ensure compliance with our ethical standards and obligations under the Modern Slavery Act.


Training and Employee Awareness


To foster a culture of awareness and vigilance, we provide comprehensive training to our employees, focusing on the risks associated with modern slavery and human trafficking.

This training empowers our team to recognise and respond to potential issues both within our business and in our wider supply chain. We encourage an open environment where concerns about ethical practices can be raised without fear of reprisal.


Measuring Effectiveness


We are committed to monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of our efforts to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking. By setting clear performance indicators and regularly reviewing our practices and policies, we aim to continually enhance our approach and ensure our business remains free from exploitation.


Conclusion and Commitment


MOVE Online is unwavering in our commitment to ethical business practices and the prevention of modern slavery and human trafficking. This Modern Slavery Statement reflects our dedication to ensuring our operations and supply chains are transparent, responsible, and uphold the highest standards of integrity.

We will continue to review and strengthen our practices to combat modern slavery, reaffirming our commitment to human rights and ethical conduct.

This statement is made in accordance with Section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes MOVE Online’s slavery and human trafficking statement for the current financial year.