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Who Is Networking For?

Business SUPPORT meetings

Our weekly meetings are a great place to ask for help from other business owners, share ideas, get accountability and receive personal support, all in a relaxed, safe and fun space.

MOVE member of the month!

Chloe Tucker standing with a dog called Margo in Lark Lane

Check out our Move member of the month!

The award for June goes to Chloe Tucker, from Chlocreavtive, a social media coach and high ticket closer.

To find to more about Chloe and why she is Member of the Month for June, and to see all of the previous winners of MOTM, click below!

MOVE Dogs!

Our mission is to make better human beings.

That means in business, physically, mentally, in relationships and giving back, plus much more.

And when dogs get involved in our MOVE Netwalking events, people are so much happier and get excited!

If that’s not a simple way to help towards making someone a better human being, then we don’t know what is!

Click the MOVE Dogs button below to check to our community of amazingly cute dogs!




Business and personal Support meetings


Networking, walking & being outdoors


Taking You From Business Struggle To Business Class


Incorporating networking, walking & being outdoors.

in one event.

MOVE Netwalking is an event that takes place during weekends at multiple locations.

The events are set up in a way that embodies the core principles of what MOVE stands for:

  • Physical and Mental Wellbeing
  • Business and Personal Development
  • Great Relationships
  • Contributing to What the World Needs

“Before I joined MOVE Elite, I was lacking direction and clarity on where my business should be. The group gave me clarity and laser focus, and the fact you’re held accountable in achieving your objectives help ensure that I followed through.

I have access to likeminded people and a group I can contact anytime. Once an objective is achieved, I am pushed to find the next bottleneck in my business, ensuring a continual path of improvement.

Mark and Andrea are on the ball, directing the group and there to offer advice at any time, it makes a huge difference to know you have people who are easy to contact to bounce ideas off.”

Dave Catton, Further Flooring


MOVE provides Business Coaching, Group Mentoring and Network events to help businesses and their people develop both professionally and personally. Our mission is to Make Better Human Beings.

In order to be the best within your business, you have to be your best self physically & mentally and have great relationships with those around you.

Business and life is tough and can often be lonely; business owners need support, help and guidance. That’s where MOVE comes in. We have created a suite of services that help people thrive and grow.

Our community, through our many services, offer a safe space to get help, show vulnerability, learn, offer help & support and become Better Human Beings. We want to see people being better in ALL areas of their lives.



MOVE Netwalking

Incorporating networking, walking and being outdoors, our MOVE Netwalking events take place during weekends at multiple locations.


We bring people together online in a fun environment to build relationships, share ideas and help each other to become Better Human Beings.

MOVE ELITE Mastermind

Taking your growth to the next level, our MOVE Mastermind sessions will support your goals so you can go further and faster in business and life.


Join our courses for continuous personal and professional development to help you grow and take on new skills and knowledge.


Our in person MOVE Social Events are where you can enjoy having fun growing your network and building relationships.

One of the best business development events out there. It’s an opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded business people who you can learn from and work with.
It’s helped me grow as an individual and I’ve gained new business through referrals. You need to join MOVE Online!
Chris Ashton

I joined Move over 3 years ago at the beginning of Covid and at that time I think many of us in Business needed support during a time of the unknown, we were unsettled and did not know how to navigate this new challenge, this is where Move bridged the gap, Mark brought calm and a belief that working together, we could help and support one another, this resulted in many confusing elements being worked out, once Andrea joined we gained an energy to show our venerability and be open.
Maria Challis

MOVE has been paramount in my growth both personally and professionally. MOVE Online keeps me accountable to my personal growth and allows me to gain practical help from others and MOVE Coaching allows me to tap into Mark & Andrea’s expertise to become the best version of myself. I wouldn’t be where I am today without MOVE.
Ben Duffy



Taking You From Business Struggle To Business Class

The MOVE Business School is to help teach, coach and mentor business owners and entrepreneurs and be part of the journey to take you from business struggle to business class.

New relevant courses are added to the MOVE Business School regularly so keep checking back for more updates.

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