Being a start-up/ established company in either a growing or stalemate industry is always a challenge when it comes to becoming the most successful in your field.

However, approaching it differently and trying to learn from each and every business owner within your niche (or even outside your niche) to gather bundles of knowledge may be another option.

But, how can you get in contact with these start-up/ elite business owners to enhance your skills and performance within your own business? What are the best ways to reach out or connect? Read along to learn more!


What is Business Networking?

Whether it’s small business events for small business owners or huge networking events – all companies and or members will benefit from this. Business networking – within the life of a business owner refers to a beneficial relationship between either you and another business or you and potential customers/ clients to work with. Every networking group that a business owner attends will reap benefits – whether that is for the short-term, middle-term or long-term goals and development of the company.

Connecting and communicating with others in your industry will not only fabricate relationships for future business together potentially – but it will most importantly tend to boost your knowledge tenfold of what you already knew.

To get the most out of your networking journey, it is crucial that you are providing value to others and not just talking at them. Conversations are a 50/50 playing field and respecting other people’s opinions and stories whilst increasing morale and awareness around your brand (subtly) is the most effective way of going about it.

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Best Ways to Connect With Other Business Owners

As a start-up company, you may only have a small chamber of time as your workload will mostly be the highest it’ll ever be. However, digging out extra time to connect with other successful small business owners is ultimately paramount to your business’s success. Although you may think this could be a waste of time – if done correctly, this small investment of time and money could change your life.

Previous small businesses in your niche have found the time in their schedule to attend networking events with other like-minded entrepreneurs – providing them with future leads and relationships. For example, you may miss a small nugget of information that would have resonated with you and changed your whole business plan and concept.

Networking delivers opportunities. Opportunities spark ideas. Ideas and hard work create greatness. If you want to grow your business – here are some worthwhile strategies to help you connect with business owners:


Meeting People Online

If you’re up-to-date with all of the social media platforms out there today – such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc you will have a good chance of finding some relevant communities on there. For example, you can view a company’s LinkedIn profile and privately DM (direct message) them to either take part in a networking event or just meet up on a person-to-person schedule.

Or, if you’re inspired by another business or company – you can mention their products or services in a post on a platform (Facebook or Twitter) in a positive light. If the person or company sees this, worst case they will appreciate your gesture. In the best-case scenario, you will end up getting a return post or meeting up with them.



Not only is volunteering a positive and thoughtful gesture in the local community and non-profit organisation you’re doing it for – but you can directly associate with other small businesses in the local area.

But how is this possible? Well, with most charities or non-profit organisations – other business leaders from around the area will be either ambassador or have an interest in supporting the cause. Joining the community will certainly create a certain chemistry between you and that company for having this particular charity in mind – giving you a reason to connect with them.

Before you join, make sure it is something that you believe in – otherwise, the other business leaders will see right through you and realise that you’re just doing this to contact them. Being genuine and caring about what you go with makes a huge difference.

Another idea to spark up a spontaneous collaboration would be to host a philanthropic event with another local small business – handing out anything of your choice to less fortunate people. Meanwhile, you and your employees can wear your business’s merchandise to promote your brand while performing this act of kindness. Ensuring that this is known around the local press through newspapers, social media, etc is essential for the triumph of the event.


Business Mastermind Groups

Now, in our opinion, this is the most effective strategy to connect with up-and-coming and established business owners. Attending mastermind groups. Similar to what you would find with mentoring sessions – it has some major differences that contrast with mentoring.

With mentoring, one-to-one sessions are very common when someone wants to be more private about their business and wants to learn on a more personal level. However, with mastermind groups – there can be anywhere from 5-10 people (mostly business owners) sharing, dividing and brainstorming knowledge to pass over or receive.
These educational and meaningful discussions with important people can certainly help and permit people to open up and delve deep into some thoughtful sessions. By the end of it, you will feel completely filled with ideas and motivated to succeed with these people by your side. Also, a feeling of rejuvenation is created by the energy and passion in the room.

When discovering and having a ‘meeting of the minds’, you will slowly realise that this is an ambitious environment you want to surround yourself with as much as possible. With this type of program for small business networking – you will notice that it is not a classroom-type energy. It will be a talk of truth and more off the cuff, creating more natural conversations.

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