Social media and other online platforms are becoming the new norm and the ‘old-fashioned’ way of meeting up with businesses is becoming less familiar. The impact it is having on today’s society is not slowing down either, so preparing for the digital revolution is necessary.

Businesses are now experiencing their meetings online, compared to travelling to one another and sitting down at a table and speaking through everything thoroughly. Is this a curse or beneficial?

Well, today, we’re going to be walking you through the key advantages of online social networking – thus, you can understand how you can use this on an everyday basis for maximum results. Carry on reading to learn more!


What is Online Social Networking?

In regards to ‘what is online social networking’, it is essentially using social media platforms in a way to connect with other people and/or businesses to which you can help each other become a force to be reckoned with among your respected niches.

Along this journey that you choose to take, you can go back and forth with future customers/clients or even future business partners which can be excellent for business in the latest digital era.

Social networking is either utilised for communicating on a personal level, or you can use it to do business also. On sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc you can pay for advertising in order to reach a wider community to connect with or sell to.

Staying connected with a long-distant friend or family member is alternatively another prominent use for social networking sites/platforms – as individuals can transfer photos and videos from past experiences that they’ve enjoyed together.

Here at MOVE, we have an ‘online meetings’ community where business owners get together to discuss problems they’re facing, what they’re finding to work on a daily basis and generally just getting to know each other and have a good time.

This way, we connect business owners together in order to create more successful businesses and greater leaders in the future.


Key Advantages of Online Social Networking

No matter how you use these online social networking platforms, whether it is for your small business or just to stay in touch with friends from the past – there are some key advantages of online social networking that will assist you in obtaining the most out of these social media sites/websites as possible.

Below, we’re going to walk you through the pros that we have noticed when using these social networks, rather than face-to-face interactions.

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Business Networking

Firstly, for the business side of online social networking, this is an exponentially growing tool among businesses trying to sell their product or service, attend online networking events and develop meaningful relationships that assist with connections for future business.

Being able to connect with other businesses you can help or scour for potential prospects through advertising or social media posts ensures that you’ll always have more opportunities than you would without online media.

As for online networking events, you’ll be able to learn from people who have been in a similar position to you, therefore, you will not make the mistakes that they’ve been through – leading to a quicker trajectory towards success.

With all eyes on social media and a bombardment of users each day rooting through social media, you may find after a consistent work ethic that you start gaining traction from all these sites.


Worldwide News

Years ago, you had to root through newspapers and magazines to find out what was occurring in the world around you to gauge a better understanding of what was going on. Now, there is news everywhere from your television, websites and social media platforms.

Whether it be a written, audial or visual piece of content – the news that you’re looking for can be viewed on any site you look on.

For example, if there are serious events going on in your area of residence, most of the time you’ll be notified or someone else using the platforms will notify you. Hence, there will be more time to think of a practical solution to the problems occurring.


Saving Time and Money

Whether you’re looking at going on a business trip or visiting a family member from across the world – of course, it would be nice to see them again and meet face-to-face. Yet, this is not always applicable.

If every time you needed to see someone, you had to spend hours on a flight and money on food, flights and everything that goes along with it – it would be a massive inconvenience to your schedule.

However, nowadays, it is possible to just use social media sites to message, call or video call people from around the world at any given moment.


Cons of Online Social Networking

Although there is an excessive number of advantages, there are also a couple of cons of social networking to consider when utilising its features. Below are the disadvantages of these online sites – regarding business and personal connections.


Social Media Problems

As you build a social media profile, you begin to use these sites as part of your daily ritual. Before you know it, you’re spending upwards of seven hours a day on your phone alone. This habit nowadays typically just starts from people fearing what they’re missing out on – or what is going on in the world of social media.

This constant phone obsession of checking through social media then becomes normal and messes with your daily schedule – leading to less productive days being formed.


Peer Pressure

Along with phone obsessions, there are many unnatural photos and videos on social media sites – meaning that you compare yourselves to those you see on your social media feed.

If your friends begin to follow this and then peer pressure you into getting something done to your appearance that you don’t want to happen – this could damage your mental health or brainwash you into believing that these social media posts are the norm outside of the online space.


Business Relationships

If you start depending on messaging through social media platforms, it becomes challenging to form real relationships with those who you’re wanting to do business with.

Although this may work for some time, when it comes to doing business in real life, it may become a shock to the system and you forget what you’re intending to do. There is nothing more natural than an in-person friendship/relationship – thus, disregarding this would be a tragedy.


Final Thoughts

Although there are advantages and disadvantages of online social networking – the pros certainly outweigh the traditional way of social networking. Nevertheless, we believe that it is still vital to meet up in person with the businesses you’re looking to partner up with or create relationships with.

Without body language, eye contact and many more human tells involved, it can be challenging to gauge someone’s personality sometimes.

Consequently, getting the balance right between online networking and in-person networking will be the most formidable partnership that formulates multiple meaningful relationships among the wider community.

As for your friends and family that are far away, this will be an excellent tool for you to use in order to share videos, images and more to keep your relationship intact for future meet-ups.