Do you usually put weight on leading up to Christmas? And then wait until the New Year to go on a diet? ‍♂️

I’m challenging everyone here, on LinkedIn and on Instagram, to confront your ‘comfort’ mind and make a conscious effort to do something that will actually put you in a better place, physically & mentally.

I’ll be starting the 30-day Move Diet this Friday (15th November) and will aim to lose 10 lbs! You can start any time up until 22nd November 2019 as long as you complete a 30-day cycle.

The diet can be anything you want. The only important factor is that it is calorie controlled – That means being in a calorie deficit!

You can still have alcohol if you wish. And chocolate. And eat out. And anything else you want. But you simply need to track your food intake.

That takes discipline.

It’s hard.

It’s not usually something associated with the build-up to Christmas. And that’s exactly why it will be super rewarding!

I’m also starting on Friday as most people start a diet on a Monday, once they’ve ‘got the weekend out the way’.

Well, simply deciding to start this Friday is the first decision to control your ‘comfort’ mind and get the results in life you want in all areas!

If you’re looking for more motivation this winter, take a look at the top tips to stay motivated through the winter.

So, if you want to approach Christmas guilt-free, knowing you deserve to indulge due to the effort and discipline you’ve shown, comment below!

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